Sometimes code, security, transit, other projects.


A picture of the author while smiling and holding a cat upside-down

Hi! I’m Hans (he/him).

The best way to contact me is via email.

I have basic sewing skills, mostly put towards tablecloths and simple repairs.

I have a Twitter account. It’s not good, but I still use it…

I eat a lot of fresh fruit from the local farmers’ market.

I’ve published a variety of code on GitHub.

Black lives matter and trans lives matter.

In the past, I helped build Microcorruption as part of NCC Group, formerly Matasano Security.

I like sitting outside in the sun and taking naps.

I currently work at Stripe providing secure infrastructure underpinnings.

I enjoy going on bicycle rides, riding buses, taking trains, and wishing the US wasn’t so car-centric.

I’ve spoken at DEFCON with the Exploiteers about hacking embedded devices.

I think cats are pretty funny little creatures and like to spend time with them.